Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Faith Card

Re my consideration of the GOP's inability to resonate with Black America, except a bit among the religious-minded, Brother Daly comments:

And that is why the left is SO opposed to the Faith-Based Initiative and why they have revved up the "Separation of Church and State" crowd...

I don't know if they're thinking that far ahead, Jim. The left, which seems to be ideologically the same in both the US and Europe, appears to have a visceral hostility to Jerusalem, figuratively speaking (and literally, if you poke around the CUANAS blog this site links to).

But there definitely could be something there. I did a rough count of the votes of the Congressional Black Caucus on the Schiavo bill. Of those who voted, 12 were against, but 8 voted for it, including Harold Ford, Jr., Jesse Jackson, Jr., and the caucus chairman, Elijah Cummings.

It's too small a sample from which to draw any conclusions, but if Jim's right, the historical strength of Black Christian faith in America is nothing to be trifling with.

Addendum, 3/29: Rev. Jesse Jackson is lobbying Florida's Senate Black Caucus to cross party lines and provide the last few votes for a bill that would likely spare Terri Schiavo permanently. The chances for passage are slim, but the entry of Black faith into the national discussion is welcome, even if it is Jesse Jackson who starts it.

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