Friday, May 13, 2005

Nihilism/"Annihilate," Meaning to Bring to Nothing

Complaining about political language is to me a lefty thing, and I have avoided it. Surely there's a basic core of an idea, even an opinion, that doesn't depend on manipulating words. But the media (yes, even FoxHitlerNews and of course Auntie Beeb) calling these homicidal/suicidal maniacs in Iraq "insurgents" has just got on my last nerve.

I understand WWII hero Rodger Young, who gave his life to save his platoon. I understand Japan's kamikazes, fighting for their homeland. I even understand Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove riding his H-Bomb to nuke the Russkies.

But in Iraq (and leave the US/UK military forces out of it), we've got psychotic Muslims killing innocent Muslims. For nothing.

Some sort of consent of the governed, if not democracy, will become the law of the land in Iraq. That's a fact. These guys are not even killing for God. They are dying not for God, but for themselves alone. They are building nothing. They are saving nothing. They are taking many people with them. For nothing. The self is a dead end.

Faithful correspondent Idealist writes:

But then I don't believe in one-sided wars. It's been called imperialism before.

A one-sided war is slaughtering innocents when the "opponent" refuses do the same. The imperialists, the murderers, the Islamofascists in this case, simply kill, with no achievable goal. Even the firebombing of Dresden and the nuking of Nagasaki and Hiroshima had an achievable goal in mind.

"Insurgents" is an insult to all our intelligence. They kill the very people they purport to save because their own self-annihilation is more important than even their fellow Muslims. They are terrorists and murderers, sociopaths. No other words will do.

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