Saturday, May 14, 2005


Idealist writes:

If I really believed our aims were so altruistic I'd be supportive and I suspect others in the world would be, too. However, I can't see it as anything other than a power grab by cynical Imperialist Straussians. I did read the Report for the 20th century by the Wolfowitz, etc. think tank whose name escapes me and it scared the hell out of me. I don't want to be an imperialistic nation. These guys are egotistical, cynical tyrannical creeps and I don't use those terms losely.

Well, let's look at the record. Much has been said about the philosopher Leo Strauss and his "followers." Little is understood. I assume you refer to this:

"The PNAC website states the group's "fundamental propositions", which are

American leadership is good both for America and for the world

Such leadership requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle

Too few political leaders today are making the case for global leadership.

Sounds good to me. Weakness is not a strategy, and every nation has paid for theirs with their own blood. Further, the US today is not an imperialist nation. And further, with few exceptions, the rest of the world is corrupt and is incapable of putting moral imperatives into practice.

I'd be interested in anything substantive against the philosopher Leo Strauss besides the "noble lie" canard, which dates to Plato, not him.

It is true that Strauss had extreme difficulty with modern (not 1700-era, which is "classical") liberalism. His own philosophical quest began when as a Jew himself, he was appalled that the modern-liberal Weimar Republic lacked the power or the will to protect the Jews, and saw a fundamental flaw in the philosophy of "tolerance" as a First Principle.

Strauss was correct. The same moral inertia of Weimar persists in modern liberal Europe, and in many of your penpals, I'm afraid. Saddam's open support and reward of Palestinian suicide bombers was enough of an offense against humanity.

Modern Europe, and of course the openly anti-Israel UN, were and are quite content to let the Jews keep dying.

It is indeed no coincidence that many of the neo-cons and "Straussians" are Jews, although many others are Christian. And it is no coincidence that Saddam's support for the murder of Jews was not put forward as a reason to depose him. Europe, and the modern left, frankly don't give a damn.

(I once again recommend the CUANAS blog. The blatant anti-Semitism of the rest of the world goes shockingly unreported in the American media. Not much has changed since the 1930s, when Leo Strauss first sat down to think.)

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