Sunday, June 19, 2005

Universal Health Care, Armageddon, or What?

Caught Christian apocolyptic author Tim LaHaye on Sunday's blab TV. Seems the Book of Revelations sez the anti-Christ isn't some weirdo like Christopher Walken, but someone who's "attractive, intelligent, and articulate." Somebody who isn't seen as bad, but good.

Whew. Great news for our friends on the left---they can stop worrying about the current Republican White House occupant.

Now, the wife thought he looked kinda cute in that flight suit, but "intelligent" is never used in conjunction with "Bush" (unlike his fellow Yale C-student opponent in the last election), and even the president's non-reality-based supporters can't prop up the whopper that he's "articulate."

I mean, there are limits to partisan self-derangement, even for conservatives.

But on the horizon there's only one political figure whom none can deny is "attractive, intelligent, and articulate":

Repent now and avoid the rush? Posted by Hello

The "smartest woman in the world" is also hot. I trust you, the discriminating reader, will examine the evidence closely, because your eternal soul might depend on it. Word up.

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