Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Left Is Right

Live 8, besides calling for debt relief for Africa, asks for free markets for African products, which cannot compete with European products because of EU subsidies.

The playing field isn't level---African producers get no help from their governments, because their governments are focused on corruption and Swiss bank accounts. How can Africa compete in the poker game of life when France keeps slipping chips into her stack?

Screw you, world poverty, we're all free traders now. Posted by Picasa

Trade makes everyone richer. I can make 20 bottles of wine a week or 2 loaves of bread, my choice. Grapes grow easily where I live, but wheat doesn't do so well. You can make 20 loaves of bread or a bottle of wine for similar reasons. If we trade, we both got bread and wine every night.

But if my government pays me to grow wheat, that's what I'll do. Too bad for you.

That's the trade situation right now for Africa. European nations "protect," no, reward their crappy "wheat-growers," their "farmers," so Africa can go to hell. Live 8 says later for that. Cool.

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