Sunday, April 24, 2005

Consumer Tip of the Day

Thanks to everyone who stopped by this past week and found...nothing new posted here. There were some great theological concerns (see below) and computer problems. I hope to get back to more frequent gems and to being my usual snarky and shallow self.

Today's tip is this: when you're considering a purchase, go to Google, type in the product name, followed by the word "crap." My Western Digital hard drive imploded after not even a year, so I did a search to see if the fault was mine.

But googling "Western Digital" and "crap" turned up "Western Digital Eats Poo-Poo" and "their drives die left and right." If only I had known.

Next up is a Seagate hard drive. "Seagate" + "crap" = zero hits. So far, so good.

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