Saturday, April 16, 2005

In The Country Formerly Known as England

YahooNews has the latest update:

Labour is heading for a third General Election victory, according to a clutch of recently-published polls.

But the projected margin of Tony Blair's victory varied as pollsters put his lead over the Tories at anywhere between one and 10%...

An ICM poll for The Sunday Telegraph found Mr Blair was heading for another landslide victory and a majority of 158. That survey puts Labour on 40%, the Conservatives on 30% and the Lib Dems on 22%...

The Conservatives would win just one seat from Labour and end up with 155 MPs, 10 fewer than in 2001.

Well, as a committed American conservative, I think I'd still vote for Blair's party because the Tories are so pathetic. On the other hand, the article states that if Gordon Brown, the economic whiz Chancellor of the Exchequer whose views on other stuff are foggy as hell were party leader, the margin would be far greater.

The Independent just reported that Blair has agreed to hand over the PMship to Mr. Brown in (very) due time, keeping a (very) old promise.

None of the Above remains democracy's most formidable candidate, and it looks like he's about to win. I wonder what he's like. Anyone who says "things can't get any worse" has no imagination.

I wish us all a great deal of luck.

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