Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pants on Fire

So Tory chief Michael Howard is OK with calling Tony Blair a liar.

This shows how low the Tories have sunk, and the fact it's helping Howard in the polls says nothing good about the electorate, either, folks.

Richard Harries, the Bishop of Oxford, delivered a sermon on the danger of cheapening the debate. "The leaders of the three main parties are all honourable men," he said.

"It is quite wrong to imply that any one of those three is somehow fundamentally dishonest, whoever it is."

He added: "I think there's a great worry about using a phrase like 'liar'. That does imply somebody has deliberately told an untruth. That's very different from whatever degree of spin there might be."

Calling a man a liar used to land you with a pistol in your hand at dawn. I'd call the little dweeb out myself. Now it's just another word, with no consequences. (We have the same cowardly garbage here in the US, but that's another tale.)

I just don't get how wannabe leaders who act with zero class ever expect to receive respect themselves. Fortunately, they always lose.

Of all the folks from either party who have run for US President, I've never doubted they were sincere and honorable men with the best interests of the nation in mind. Blair would be at 60% in the polls now if he'd done nothing about anything, like your typical tut-tutting Eurocrat. (Oh, all those people dead, how unfortunate. That Saddam's such a murdering bastard. Someone should really DO something.)

I doubt the Tories (and half the Loud Left, if they ever stopped to think about it) really wish Saddam were still in power, filling mass graves while his lovely sons Uday and Attila throw the citizenry into paper shredders. So what's all the noise about?

After the smoke clears, we all have to live together under one leader after an election. Of what benefit to the nation are such tactics? No such thing as a Loyal Opposition anymore, just making each other miserable, forever and ever, amen.

Shame on Mr. Howard. I hope for a Conservative third-place finish and the end of his career. Things will have to get worse for the Tories before they get any better.

(Lib Dem Charles Kennedy is pulling much the same, but he's far more sneaky about it. Points for cleverness and actually being opposed to the Iraq war in principle, though.)

Addendum:The above comment about US Presidential candidates does not apply to Al Gore, who is once again acting like a freaking maniac.

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